Training Courses

Your partner for training in quantitative finance

Our Advanced Courses in Quantitative Finance bring the latest developments in quantitative finance within the reach of market practitioners and risk managers through conferences, seminars and in-house training events given by the foremost experts in the field.


Our training courses are addressed to an audience of: Quants, Structurers, Risk Managers, Financial regulators and supervisors, Hedge fund Managers, Traders, Asset Managers, Investors.

Examples of Training Courses

  • Central counterparties: risk management and stress testing (New York, April 19 2017)

  • Volatility : Modeling, hedging and arbitrage

  • Convertible bonds : Pricing and risk management of correlation risks

  • Multi asset derivatives : Pricing and risk management of correlation risk

  • Calibration method for option pricing models

  • Credit derivatives

  • Market risk and model risk

  • Computational tools for derivatives

  • Interest rate models : From theory to implementation

  • Option pricing models with jumps

  • Energy derivatives